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Synap Document Viewer provides an HTTP protocol-based API that can convert an Office document into an IMAGE or HTML.
API is provided in a format similar to RESTFul and can view the document. In addition, using API, you can convert a document into a page-specific image.


API is comprised of the following components.

  • Conversion request API
    You can request a conversion operation to the server according to the conversion results type. Depending on the API type, you can receive the request results in a JSON format.

  • Conversion inquiry API
    You can inquire the status of conversion process requested through the conversion request API. Depending on the request status, you can perform processing as appropriate.

Basically, API is requested using the GET/POST method of HTTP.

  • Request Sample

    GET {Server Address}/SynapDocViewServer/{API}?{Query String}
    POST {Server Address}/SynapDocViewServer/{API}

    Server Address : server access address, ex)
    API : API name
    Query String : parameter used when the GET type is requested

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