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You can inquire the conversion request status including the conversion results and re-conversion request.

  1. Status classification
    You can inquire the list of conversion requests by specify the conversion status. Status is classified into "Successful/Failed/In Progress".

  2. Search by Date
    You can search a list of requests for a predefined period (today/1 week/1 month) based on the current time.
    You can also specify a desired search period manually. 

  3. Search by document ID
    You can perform search using the document ID specified at the time of conversion request.

  4. Request classification
    Using icons, request for image conversion is distinguished from that for HTML conversion.  : request for IMAGE conversion,  : request for HTML conversion

  5. Conversion request information

    • Document ID: Document identifier specified at the time of conversion request

    • Start conversion: Time at which request for conversion is received

    • Conversion completed: Time conversion completed. Time conversion completed is updated to the time at which the final page is converted.

    • Status: Represents the conversion status for the request. Status is indicated by "Successful/Failed/In Progress".

    • Error: Displays the error code for a failed conversion.

  6. Process command

    • Re-convert: Attempts to perform conversion for the conversion request

    • Cancel conversion: Cancels conversion for the request, which is in progress.

    • Move: Moves to the Referrer URL when requested

    • Preview: Opens a viewer for a request successfully converted.

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