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Access to the application

You can check the Public DNS in AWS console after launching the instance.

Access to the application via a browser at http://<Public DNS>:8080/SynapDocViewServer/admin 


Public DNS :

Access URL:

Log in to your administration console

Log in to your application with the following credentials;

** username: admin

** password: <the instance id of the instance just created>

After your first login, you are welcome to change your password. 

Request a license for a free 30-day trial or an invoice for purchasing

In the License page, you can check your product codes and an Instance ID.

This information is necessary to request a free 30-day trial or invoice for purchasing.

In this website:, you can find a request form for free 30-day trial as shown below.

Fill out the information including instance ID and submit the form.

Synapsoft will give you a license key within 24 hours via E-mail.

Apply a license key

Return to the Synap Document Viewer administration console> Accounts> License and insert your license key.


The Synap Document Viewer will then be activated

If you have any questions or need help getting started, contact us anytime at

We hope you enjoy your free trial of Synap Document Viewer.

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