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The installation package is comprised of the following components. 

titleDirectory Structure

├──── LICENSE.3rd

├──── config-properties.xml

├──── baseDir
│ ├──── bin
│ ├──── modules
│ │ └──── fonts

├──── skin
└──── template

├──── base_win
│ ├──── bin
│ ├──── modules
│ │ └──── fonts
│ └──── template

├──── down
├──── out
├──── work

├──── skin

├──── tomcat
│ ├──── bin
│ └──── ……

└──── hsql


  • LICENSE : contains descriptions about End-User-License

  • LICENSE.3rd : contains descriptions about the use of third party library


Synap Document Viewer conversion server configuration file. For more information about how to configure, please refer to the detailed administrator function descriptions below.


Contains the IMAGE and HTML conversion modules and resources needed for conversion. The scope of what is provided may vary depending on the content.

down, out, work 

  • down: directory to which conversion target files will be downloaded.

  • out: directory in which the conversion results files will be located

  • work: temporary work directory used in the conversion process


Directory in which skins for Synap Document Viewer are contained. For more information about skins, please refer to the separate skin guide document.
Multilingual skins may be contained depending on the product components. 


WAS server directory. For proper server operation, the following settings are applied.

  • bin/catalina.bat, bin/ : Settings for JAVA_OPTS are added.

  • webapps : Synap Document Viewer WAS files are contained.

  • conf/server.xml : Synap Document Viewer WAS files are configured.


Database is included. In addition, several configuration files and batch files (for Windows) and shell scripts (for Linux) for execution are prepared.