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Basic settings

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  • Viewer Access restriction
    If set, the conversion result is restricted from accessing the viewing results by other browsers that do not have cookie information issued during conversion.
    (Available from version 1.2.8)

  • Number of concurrent processes
    You can set the maximum number of concurrent processes of the server. You can change settings in consideration of the equipment performance or user environment.
    You can set the maximum number of concurrent processes to the maximum number of logical cores of the current server, but it is recommended to set the value to a number that is 1 smaller than the number of logical cores.
    After changing the settings, you must restart the server.

  • Conversion Timeout
    Based on the document conversion request time, if the conversion is not completed within the set time, the applicable request is timeout processed and a conversion error will be returned.

  • Default output type
    You can set the default conversion method when using the conversion API. You can choose either the IMAGE type conversion or the HTML type conversion.

  • Overwrite conversion results
    For slightly faster viewing performance, you can set to reuse the converted results without converting again. The default value is set to NO. You can set to Yes not to reuse the existing conversion results.
    For your reference, if you set to NO, the existing conversion results are reused even at the time of updating the conversion module. Therefore it is desirable to set to Yes for a certain period of time if the conversion results need to be updated.